Authorized HP Designjet repair and Design Jet Plotter broken carriage belt service error codes repairs in Florida

Axsa Imaging provides on-site DesignJet plotter repair and Designjet service Company specializes in Hewlett Packard Design jet Plotter maintenance.

We provide on-site HP Design Jet Plotter repair and plotter maintenance service error code repairs with broken/shredded carriage belt in Orlando, and everywhere else in Florida.

We specialize in Design-Jet plotter service with system errors:

  • 11:11 trailing cable error
  • 21:10 service station error
  • 21:13 service station failure
  • 47:01 star wheel failure
  • 81:01 paper motor error
  • 86:01 carriage jam error and print head error codes

We solve design jet plotter with ink blotching/ ink spilling on the paper

  • Design Jet repair with faint/faded prints
  • Design-Jet service with lines/dots on the prints
  • Designjet repair with loud grinding/squeaking noise
  • We provide Design Jet 500/510, 800/815, 5500/5550, 1050C/1055CM plotter repair with numerical error code
  • 11:11 trailing cable error
  • 21:10 service station error
  • 86:01 paper jam error carriage belt wear or broken belt
  • 81:01 error encoder sensor error
  • 79:04 repair, carriage jam error and check paper path error due to worn out carriage belt.

Our local HP Plotter service team specializes on Designjet 4000/4500/4520, 5000/5500, 1050c/1055cm, 500/510, 800/815 as well as 5000/5500 plotter repairs.

We repair older Design Jet 430/450, 730/750/755, 500PS/500/510 and 800/800PS plotter repair and DesignJet maintenance service.

Axsa Imaging provides newer plotter repair service on DesignJet T1100/1120/T610, T1200/T1300/T770, T1200/T1300 as well as DesignJet Z2100/Z2200/Z2300, Z3100, Z3200, Z6100/Z6200 and Z5200 plotters maintenance service.


We provide FREE plotter cleaning and lubrifaction when replacing the carriage belt.

Here what is included with plotter maintenance service and cleaning!

  1. Clean HP DesignJet Plotter Carriage Rails.
  2. Lubricate the HP Design-Jet Plotter Carriage Rails.
  3. Cleaning the HP DesignJet Drive Roller
  4. Designjet Encoder Strip Cleaning and inspection.
  5. Inspect and Clean the HP plotter Platen Assembly.
  6. Clean the entire HP Design Jet plotter/printer.
  7. Calibrate the HP plotter print head after replacing the belt.
  8. Calibrate the Color after the plotter service is performed.
  9. HP designjet plotter quality test printout.